March 2, 2018




PT Sari Sarana Kimiatama is an Authorized Distributor of Shell for Polyurethanes (PU) Basic Compounds and Evonik for PU Additives.

SHELL Polyether Polyol   Other Chemicals Isocyanates (TDI)
  POP (Polymer Polyol)     Methylene Chloride
EVONIK TEGOSTAB® silicone surfactants  
  KOSMOS® catalysts  
TEGOAMIN® catalysts  
TEGOCOLOR® color pastes  
GORAPUR® release agents  
ORTEGOL® performance additives  


Evonik technologies are used in the formulation and manufacture of advanced Polyurethane Foams for diverse industries, including construction, appliances, furniture & bedding, automotive and footwear.