March 2, 2018



We provides various range of High Quality FMCG Products to meet  customer’s requirement and market demand

Vegetable Oil/Soft Oil Retail Pack Pomona (R) Cloversoft (R)
RBD Soyabean Oil Misoya Soyabean Oil Syrup Unbleached Bamboo Tissue & Wipes
RBD Canola Oil Mirasol Sun Flower Oil Smoothies Unbleached Bamboo Baby Wipes
RBD SunFlower Oil Micorn Corn Oil Sauces Laundry Pods
RBDW Corn Oil Minolia Canola Oil Powder Hand & Body Wash
Industry Cosmetic
F&B Industry Decorative
Food Services Hair and Skin Care
Food Additives Make Up
Animal Feeds Parfume
Fish Canning