December 6, 2017




PT Sari Sarana Kimiatama is an Authorized Distributor of Pertamina, Nynas, Lanxess, and Indopol for Tyre and Rubber Goods Industries.

PERTAMINA Aromatic Oil   LANXESS Bladders
  *       Minarex A     Chemicals
  *       Minarex H   *       Inside & Outside Paint
  *       Minarex I *       Marking Paint
  Parafinic Oil   *       Mold Release
  *       Parafinic 60 *       Bladder Coating
  *       Parafinic 95   *       Anti-Tack/ Batch off
  Paraffin Wax  
NYNAS Non Carcinogenic Oil Synthetic Rubber Indopol 1502
  Napthenic Oil   Indopol 1712
Rubber Processing Oils   Rubber Solvent SBP-XX
  TDAE     Topsol 60/145
  RAE     Topsol BF
  SSJEO-3    Release Agent