December 6, 2017


With over forty years experience in the chemicals market, we provides integrated logistic system for the constantly changing market conditions.

Strive to be a strategic partner for our customer, we offer integrated logistic services for liquid and solid chemicals such as

  • bulk and packed chemicals importer
  • storage of bulk and packed chemicals
  • bulk breaking into IBC, drum, and small packaging
  • distribution of bulk and packed chemicals
  • tolling processes

3 Transit Warehouses in Tangerang, Bandung and Surabaya are linked together to serve Indonesian market from West to East.

Bulk and Packed Chemicals Importer Supported by the sister company, BMT, PT Sari Sarana Kimiatama are also equipped with Chemical Bulk Storage Terminal in Merak  with total tank capacity up to 50.100 KL and Jetty to receive bulk chemical cargo from both national and international vessel up to 14.000 DWT.
Bulk & Packed Chemicals Storage An approximately 3,2 ha warehouse situated at Jurumudi, Tangerang with storage capacity of approximately 7,000 KL bulk chemicals, consisting of :

  • 3 units of 347 KL carbon steel tank.
  • 3 units of 320 KL carbon steel tank.
  • 3 units of 280 KL stainless steel tank.
  • 4 units of 100 KL carbon steel tank.
  • 23 units of 60 – 64 KL carbon steel tank.
  • 17 units of 48 – 50 KL carbon steel tank.
  • 4 units of 16 – 30 KL carbon steel tank.
  • Surabaya storage facilities covers 2 x 200 KL vertical carbon steel tanks and 2 indoor warehouse.

Bulk & Packed Chemicals Distribution We provide customized end-to-end logistics solutions, including in transportation and distribution management, of bulk liquid transportation and packed products distribution.

The company operates a transport fleet of trucks, lorry tanks and ISO-tanks to serve wide area of customers.

Bulk Chemical Repacking With our depth of experience and strong market knowledge, we can meet the logistics demands of our customers in various sectors including bulk breaking of liquid chemical to be distributed in drum, IBC tank, or jerrycan as per the customers’ requirements.
Logistic Bonded Center

(Pusat Logistik Berikat)

With the new regulation of Indonesia Government, PT. Sari Sarana Kimiatama has been integrated with Logistic Bonded Center as we has licensed to do the Bonded transaction in Liquid and Dry Chemicals.