March 2, 2018

Industrial Oil, Grease & Metal Working Fluid Additives



PT Sari Sarana Kimiatama is an Authorized Distributor of THE LUBRIZOL CORPORATION for Industrial Lubricant and Grease, Metal Working Fluid, Engine Lubricant, Drivetrain, Fuel Additives.

  • Corrosion Inhibitors / Rust Preventive

Lubrizol’s metalworking corrosion inhibitors provide temporary protection for various metal in aqueous fluid during metalworking, metal cleaning, and other water based and oil based industrial fluid applications.


  • Biocides

Lubrizol’s metalworking biocides are specific chemical compounds engineered for use in aqueous metalworking fluids that prevent degradation caused by microbial contamination.


  • Extreme Pressure

Lubrizol’s metalworking extreme pressure additives contain molecular compounds that react with metal surfaces under extreme friction conditions, producing a protective film that prevents welding and surface damage.


  • Water Soluble Oil

These materials are based on unique succinic and vegetable oil technologies, and deliver multi-functional perfomance to metalorking fluid formulations.


  • Semi Synthetic Oil

Semi Synthetic  packages are complex formulations deigned for futher dilution in water or oil to provide a ready for market micro-emulsion metalworking  fluid concentrate.


  • Synthetic Oil

Synthetic packages are complex formultions designed for futher dilution in water to provide a ready for market full synthetic metalworking fluid concentrate